About Us

www.thebuildingsource.com was created out of a need to have construction and building tools at the fingertips of everyone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From home renovations to new multi-leveled commercial building complexes, and everything else in between, we offer the most comprehensive listing of building products, building professionals and construction-relevant information available locally.

Our Target Audience

www.thebuildingsource.com was designed with a variety of users in mind. Our free account registration allows users to make full of our website and its tools. Take a look at the unique way we engage our specific users:

Architects and Design Professionals

Design professionals can benefit greatly from the ‘My Projects’ tab on our website. This powerful tool is used to organize projects, save building products and suppliers as well as, download product brochures and specifications. With the extra advantage of unlimited storage space, it is easy to upload drawing files to share with clients and consultants. Additionally, once registered as an advertiser, design professionals can access the ‘Tenders/Bid Centre’. This is an area where individuals, companies, and government agencies, can post projects for bidding. Projects can be found without ever having to leave the office.

Current/Future Property Owners

We help make the home-ownership and renovation processes a little more hassle-free with our listing of Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders. Home owners can also use the ‘My Projects’ tool to help organize their new home construction or renovation project. We also make the process easier for large scale organizations, to plan and execute the construction of large scale commercial building complexes by having information for architects, engineers and other design professionals within reach. Once through the planning phase, we can help home/business owners to compare small or large scale contractors to see their projects through to completion.

Contractors, Manufacturers & Suppliers

Registering as an advertiser also gives contractors, manufacturers and suppliers access to the ‘Tenders/Bid Centre’ to find projects.