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PTU Electronic Security Solutions Ltd.
1 (868) 790-6942 / 681-1397 / 472-6680 Chotoo Street, Aranguez, San Juan, Trinidad, W.I.
Company Overview PTU Electronic Security Solutions Ltd, Trinidad.   Locksmith Services in Trinidad.   Here at PTU, our main goal is to provide all forms of security available to all. To become a household name associated with Reliabil....read more

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Company Logo

PTU Electronic Security Solutions Ltd, Trinidad.


Locksmith Services in Trinidad.


Here at PTU, our main goal is to provide all forms of security available to all. To become a household name associated with Reliability, Customer Service and Professionalism.


With observations to the crime situation in Trinidad and Tobago we believe that security is a must but unfortunately most citizens cannot afford a basic system to protect what matters most. So, at PTU we are determined to provide the best prices possible to all.


Three Great minds have partnered together to form PTU Electronic Security Solutions Ltd.



With 10 plus years in the Electronic Security and Locksmith Field, she has gained experienced in Administration, Customer Service, Locksmith work and on Field training.



With 10 plus years in the Electronic Security and Locksmith Field, he is the Head Technician that specializes in CCTV, Alarms, Access Control, Electronic Gates, Locksmith work, Technical support and on Field Training.



With 10 years in the Customer Service, and 2 Years of Information Technologies, he specializes in Customer Satisfaction and IT Support.


PTU is backed by years of experience in the Electronic Security and Customer Service Field to provide Professional, Reliable, Durable and most importantly Affordable form of Security.


CCTV Systems


It is now possible to have eyes any and everywhere. The presence of a camera system not only deters persons from violating property but it also holds perpetrators accountable for their actions.


With such advancements in technology it is now possible to monitor actions at home while at the office. With High Definition Cameras, secure and durable cabling and professional installation, you and yours can be protected.


Alarms Systems


Another reliable form of security is the alarm systems. This not only protects you and yours but it can also save lives. The feature of alerting persons to danger is a priceless and sometimes underestimates advantage.


These systems come with features such as:

• Wired and wireless accessories

• Remote controls

• Emergency Response

• GSM communications and many more which are all designed for protection.


Access Control Systems


Access control by definition, control access to a certain area. This does not only apply to
commercial use but also residential purposes.


Commercial Use:


Have an office and want to control access to certain rooms? Do you want to view audit trail of an  entrance? Do you want to track a certain employee? Do you want that slick
sophisticated look?


This can be done using basic code, swipe cards or bio-metric entry devices which control
an electronic lock.


Residential Use:


Electronic gate strikes are a feature that most home owners gravitate to. With this you
can have controlled access to the housekeeper, Gardner, or for simple maintenance
through an intercom.


Locks/ Door Hardware

A door can only properly be secured using a durable lock and correct installation.

Without these two, your safety will be compromised.

There are different functions of locks and so they must be appropriately applied to provide maximum protection.

There are: Deadbolts, Knobs, Lever, Mortise, Tubular, Multi-Point and many more.

To provide added security door hardware can be installed.

Items such as:
Peep Holes, door chains, door closer, panic bars, hinges, door guards etc.




A service we also offer is REKEYING of locks. What is this?

Are you tired of walking around with a big chain of keys?

Do you have multiple locks that you would like to work with one key?

Have your keys been lost or stolen but you don’t want to replace all your existing locks?

Well, our rekeying services can rectify this.

Rekeying is the process of where we change the insides of existing locks so that they work on the same key.


Emergency Openings


Have you lost or broken your ONLY key?

Have your locks been giving trouble and now it will not open?

We also provide emergency opening services that can be beneficial to all.


Electronic Gates


Residential Use:


Having and electronic gate system is very convenient and easy.

Do you work late at night? Do you often get soaked in the rain trying to open your gate?

Having an electronic gate gives you that peace of mind that your home and business is protected.

These systems also come with a battery back-up feature that regardless if electricity fails, your property is still protected.


Commercial Use:


Electronic barrier are most beneficial to commercial or large scale residential compounds to Control Access.


Security Consultation


Are you building a house or securing an office space?

Far too often we encounter persons either receiving poor advise or no advise at all concerning security.

All aspects of security are tied together and so we at PTU can help you see the big picture.


We consult on various secur ity issues which include:

• Which type of doors to use (specs/design/material)

• Which types/ Functions of locks to use

• Which door hardware is needed

• Layout for Alarm Systems

• Layout for CCTV Systems

• Distinct phases of installation of the various systems

• Identification of "Blind spots" or risky places

• Resolving issues on sites that have been overlooked


System Maintenance


With time and use there will always be some degree of wear and tear.

Detecting this in time and before any major damage is caused, will always give the client control, to ensure what matters most is protected.


There are different factors that can contribute to the various degrees of wear and tear, factor such as:

• Incorrect Installation

• Incorrect calibration or setting adjustments

• Improper use of a device

• Lack of maintenance

• Lack of use

Abuse or forceful operation of a device and many more.

With our Maintenance Services, we ensure that all these factors are eliminated, and the durability of a product is preserved.

Security Systems are put in place to protect you, and most importantly to protect you when it matters most.

Systems which we stress must be regularly serviced are the Burglar alarm/Fire Alarm Systems and Locking Systems, if not to all, but on main entry and exit point.

These silent protectors contribute greatly to ones’ safety.

PTU Maintenance Services was formed to keep your protectors operating at it optimal capacity. To ensure that you are always kept safe.




We at PTU offer all our services at an affordable price to all. We have learnt that people only want to protect what is dear to them and everyone should be able to afford even the simplest/basic of systems.