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Sanctorium Real Estate Services
1 (868) 379-7274 P.O. Box 1939, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I.
Company Overview Sanctorium Real Estate Services, Trinidad.   At Sanctorium, a Trinidad and Tobago based real estate services company, we leverage the right resources to deliver a superior, transparent and personal experience to every client. &n....read more

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Sanctorium Real Estate Services, Trinidad.


At Sanctorium, a Trinidad and Tobago based real estate services company, we leverage the right resources to deliver a superior, transparent and personal experience to every client.  We value a very precious resource: time. We understand that it may be difficult for you to invest time into visiting or gathering details, about the properties you wish to buy, sell or lease.


It is our aim to redefine the Trinidad and Tobago real estate industry, merging a professional client-centered approach with technology and popular social media (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) to offer a personalized and highly-tailored service to a discerning clientele.


Sanctorium harnesses the power of social media on the Internet, combines it with sound knowledge of the real estate business and adds a uniquely sophisticated approach, to finding the right property or tenant for you. This means:


• No time wasted on having to visit properties you have absolutely no interest in;

• A wider range of properties and data about them, available at the click of a button;

• Being able to make your choice from the comfort of your own home; and

• Leveraging the power of video, virtual tours and social media.


Our goal is not a small one – we want to build a reputation as the market leader in commercial and luxury real estate in Trinidad and Tobago, and we believe that we will get there on the strength of our innovative approach, dedicated professionalism and the unsurpassed quality of our customer service.


Buying or selling a property is a very individual experience, and we are committed to offering every client the personalized service they deserve in order to form life-long relationships.


Building a Leader

Our aim as a company, is to be a market leader in luxury and commercial real estate by putting the most important people first: You.  While our offices are located in Trinidad, our vision is to redefine the local and global real estate industry by making it client-centric, so we can build trust with our customers, stakeholders, employees and society at large. This is achieved by keeping our commitment to superior service and enabling positive and long-standing professional relationships through the timely and trustworthy delivery of our services.


Making the Transformation Real

We seek to transform the real estate environment through our commitment to professionalism, integrity and customer service. In the traditional practice, companies often handle more customers than they are capable of adequately servicing, in order to boost revenue. This results in poor customer service and a hurried transaction.


We at Sanctorium work with a select number of discerning clientele offering end-to-end real estate solutions that are personalized. We keep your interests as the highest priority, in the process of selecting both commercial and luxury real estate.


Sanctorium leverages the power of multimedia to give you the ability to make your choice from the comfort of your home or office. Our multimedia solutions suite offers you the advantage of a trustworthy range of properties in well know areas like Westmoorings, Goodwood Park, St Clair, St Anns and Woodbrook, that meet your aspirations, vision and budget. We offer a combination of:


• High Definition Photographs – We present the property ‘as-is’ with an array of High-Definition (HD) photographs showcasing the interior and exterior of the property.

• Descriptions – Descriptions of properties are honest and describe the property in detail, focusing on the aspects that are of primary interest or concern to a customer, such as geographical and situational features, acreage, amenities and the history of the property.

• Online Video – High-Definition video of the property is streamed online to complement photographs and provide a more comprehensive visual experience.

• Virtual Interactive Tours – Informative virtual tours provide detailed information about the property including room-by-room tours, magnified views and micro-descriptions.

• Online Maps – Powered by Google Maps, the online map for each property detail the terrain, layout, approach roads, nearby businesses and neighboring properties in great detail.

• Social Networking – A regular newsfeed about new and existing properties in the area, their current status and digital media and links.


These tools act as multiple conduits of information allowing you to view and analyze a property at your convenience as well as shortlist potential purchases. In addition, our team of real estate professionals will guide you all the way.


Residential Properties

At Sanctorium, we believe that buying, selling or leasing a property is a very individual experience and a personalized interaction coupled with the right information, helps us enable you to make the right real estate choices. Our staff employs highly competent and respected industry professionals, who will help you through every step of your experience, supporting your decision and seeking to build a lasting relationship of trust as your real estate agency.


Our team will support you during every stage of the process from the selection of the property or tenant to the closing paperwork. Our goal is not merely to help you buy, sell or lease a property. Our goal is to maximize your lifestyle choice and cater to your specific needs in every deal.


Commercial Properties

As a fast-growing business looking for commercial properties, we can help minimize the time you spend locating, viewing and settling on property for your business’ expanding interests. Commercial property transactions require a thorough working knowledge of zoning laws as well as civil code.


Our team of experts will help you understand the options you have, before you choose to enter into a transaction. Since your business will depend significantly on the right location, we seek to help your business goals by giving you options which meet your needs.


Sanctorium: The Corporate Citizen

Sanctorium wishes to be a responsible corporate citizen in the real estate industry who brings the time-honored and sacred values of transparency, integrity, customer service and excellence to the forefront. We are registered under the Companies Act of Trinidad and Tobago and with the Financial Intelligence Unit of Trinidad and Tobago. Our aim is to translate these values into day-to-day actions which align with your personal and business vision – with ease and good cheer!


The Power to Choose

Social networking is a great way to keep in touch with your friends, so why not use it to keep in touch with us too!  Through our regularly updated Facebook and Twitter pages, we’ll keep you informed of all the latest Sanctorium news, as well as details of when new properties are added to our portfolio or existing properties are sold or leased. Price drops, special offers and the latest property news and advice – you’ll find it all on our social networks.