Fatboy, Snacklight Serving Snack Tray and Lamp

Sold by Jusqu'a Mishka


Available in Blue, Grass Green, Red, Orange, White, Yellow.


Snacklight - Snack Tray and Lamp


The Fatboy Snacklight will serve your snacking needs! The oversized tray is equipped with a wireless, rechargeable and magnetic lamp with three different light settings to help you light the way when you are snacking day or night. Don’t worry, the battery and charger are included. The Snacklight tray is made out of high-quality metal with a high-gloss coating. Three stylish bowls are also included with a non-slip coating to remain firmly in balance on the tray. Whether you are munching on the couch or hosting a friendly get together, the Snacklight will ensure your drinks and snacks are stylishly secured and ready to serve! The lamp measures 7 inches x 5.5 inches, and the tray measures 1 inch x 23 inches.