Kartell, Philippe Starck con Eugeni Quitllet Large Storage Furniture - Ghost Buster

Sold by Jusqu'a Mishka


Available in Crystal, Fume, Heavy Black and Heavy White.


Ghost Buster

Philippe Starck con Eugeni Quitllet


The Kartell catalogue adds yet another piece to its furniture collection, the commode. Starck has revamped it and the Kartell-style commode evokes the lines of classic furniture while its transparency and plastic material give it a contemporary voice. Corners and curves, straight lines and sinuous play over its surfaces and give life to an intriguing game of eye-catching perspectives and reflections. Ghost Buster with three open front shelves and four bifacial legs is the largest plastic monobloc ever yet made in the world of furnishings - another demonstration of Kartell's determination to break down all the barriers of technical challenge.



Structure:  PMMA Transparent or Colorate in Mass



Width:  26.5 ''

Depth:  16.4 ''

Height:  31.2 ''

Unit weight:  17.2 kg