Basec Certified Cables - Armoured Cables BS5467 and BS6346

Sold by Electrical Industries Group


Definition Armoured Cable is the name given to electrical cable constructed with
a layer of aluminum wire armour or steel wire armour. Cables in these
standards are intended for use in supply of main electricity and can be
found in underground systems, power networks, cable ducting, fixed
installation in industrial areas, on exterior surface walls, building and similar
Voltage Rating Cables manufactured to BS 5467 and BS 6346 are rated for 600/1000 Volts
and 1900/3300 Volts.
Construction • Conductors are made up of soft annealed copper and can be either
stranded circular or shaped. They conform to BS 5467 Table 2 and
BS EN 60228.
• Insulation can either be Cross Linked Poly Ethylene (XLPE) or Polyvinyl
Chloride (PVC). The insulation is applied by the extrusion process and
in the case of XLPE, it is cross linked to form a homogeneous layer.
It conforms to BS 7655-1.3.
• Bedding can be both taped and extruded and conforms to BS 5467
Table 4 to Table 18.
• Armour consists of a single layer of steel wire and conforms to tables 1
and 2 below. The armour wire is tested to BS 5467 and BS 6346 Annex
G.1, G.2, G.3 and G.4.
• Oversheath consists of a single layer of extruded PVC and is usually
black in color. Sheathing conforms to BS 7655-4.2.
Cable Marking All cables will carry the following items on the surface print:
• Manufacturers Name
• Electric Cable
• Voltage Designation
• British Standard Number
• Cross Sectional Area
• No. of Cores
• Type of Cable
• Date