Basec Certified Cables - Single Double Cables BS7889

Sold by Electrical Industries Group


Definition Single Double Cables are made up of a copper conductor covered by
an XLPE insulation which is further coated with a PVC sheath. Cables
manufactured under this standard are intended for use in fixed installations
in industrial areas, building and similar applications but not for direct burial
in the ground.
Voltage Rating 600/1000 Volts with a maximum operating temperature of 90°C and a
maximum short circuit conductor temperature of 250°C.
Construction • Conductors are soft annealed copper stranded together to form
a circular finish.
• The core is XLPE insulated and covered by a black PVC Sheathing
Cable Marking • Manufacturers Name
• Electric Cable
• Voltage Designation
• British Standard Number
• Cross Sectional Area
• No. of Cores
• Type of Cable
• Date