VPWL Series Recessed Flourescent Lighting Fixtures - Vapour Proof Wet Location

Sold by Electrical Industries Group


SPECIFICATIONS The hybrid vaportite fluorescent highbay is versatilely designed for T5HO and T8 technology. Geartrays are die formed from cold rolled steel with a minimum 87% total reflectance, or achieve 94% reflectivity with our optional MIRO 4 reflector. Supported by 4 stainless steel spring fittings, the fixture can be opened or latched from either side for easy installation and maintenance. The stainless steel latches provide durability and chemical resistance. The captive design of the latch will not allow it to dry off during maintenance. There are twelve latches per unit to assure positive lens retention, which can be made tamper resistant. Lenses are made of 100% impact resistant acrylic for maximum light transmission and longevity or UV stabilized polycarbonate for temperature extremes and maximum impact resistance. The face side of the lens is glass clear to maximize efficiency and minimize distortion of reflectors intended distribution. The sides have precise lineal prisms and the ends are lightly frosted to reduce direct glare. Easily mounted with V-hooks or cables. No holes need to be drilled through the housing. Stainless steel V-hooks with hook hangers are available and are UL rated for 4 times fixture weight. Cable hangers are compatible with cable systems for easy installation. Appropriate for those applications that may require: washability/hose down, complete containment of the lamps, the ability to withstand reduced temperatures and withstand moderate impact. Seals dust out. Reflectance of interior surfaces will not be affected by environmental containments. Designed for easy assembly and maintenance. Listed by and bears UL wet label.

A very tough enclosure for demanding environments. For use in both indoor
and outdoor applications where dust and water resistance is required. Ideal for
refrigerated storage, food processing facilities, beverage and bottling facilities,
exterior retail, construction sites and gymnasiums.

Features & Benefits
• Protects your lighting in demanding
• Entry holes for 1/2” NPT/M20 fittings
• Optional hole in 1 end or holes in
both ends
• Optional silver MIRO 4 reflector
provides 94% reflectivity
• Cable or V-hook mounting
• Very durable
• Easy to clean and service
• Stainless steel hardware
• Impact resistant lenses
• 4 and 6 lamp configurations
• RoHS Compliant
• UL listed for wet location
• Available in T8, T5 and
T5HO versions
• IP 67 Rated