Biggy Guttering System - Running Outlet

Sold by Electrical Industries Group



A home needs a rainwater guttering system in order to drain water quickly and safely away from the roof.
A well-installed system can save you money, by avoiding the cost of cleaning and repainting exterior walls and
floors. It also reduces the accumulation of moisture from under the house, helping to protect landscaping
& the perimeter of the house from the growth of moss & unsightly fungi that can also cause accidents.
Why choose Biggy?
Because it's...
FUNCTIONAL: The gutter's design accommodates the maximum flow of water off 2000 square ft
of roof area per running outlet.
HASSLE FREE: Biggy is easily installed; the fittings are lightweight and snap together without
the use of solvents, as is done with other guttering systems.
UNIQUE: All gasketed gutter fittings are equipped with a unique expansion gap, which
allows for movement of the gutter under high and low temperatures, since pvc
expands with heat.
ATTRACTIVE: Biggy's sleek contour adds a professional finish to any property. It can also be
painted to match the colour scheme of your roof and exterior walls.
LONG LASTING: Biggy is highly durable to withstand the elements that characterize a tropical
climate. It contains special UV stabilisers that guard against the harsh rays of
the sun, and therefore prevent cracking and discoloration.
COST EFFECTIVE: Biggy is competitively priced against other similar PVC, galvanize and
aluminium systems.
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