JCB Excavators, Mini Excavator - 86C-1

Sold by FT Farfan Ltd.


At JCB, we've been building tracked excavators for over 48 years. Our latest 85z and 86c mini excavators are products of all this experience and insight, designed to be robust, strong and durable without compromising performance.


JCB's 85z and 86c are high performance productive mini excavators. Peak power and torque at low engine speeds makes for efficient cycles, and there's a wealth of innovative design features to get the most from every drop of fuel.


We've always believed that a fundamental part of high productivity is a comfy, ergonomic working environmen. Consequently, you'll find that cabs and controls on an 86z or 86c are great places to work, even for long stints.


A safe site is of paramount importance to any owner; likewise machinery that's easy and fast to service. Both the 85z and 86c will protect machinery, operators and bystanders alike, as well as providing excellent serviceability - minimising downtime.


Our tracked excavators are designed to give you more than just great performance and long service life. Machines like the 85z and 86c will also provide ultimate value for money, both on and off your working sites.




Twin auxiliary lines generate both high and low hydraulic flows providing versatility with an array of attachments.


Efficient cycles with peak power and torque at low engine speeds.


Excellent front visibility courtesy of a 70/30 front screen split.


Best-in-class 500 hour greasing intervals.