Carrier, AquaForce Series Air-Cooled Commercial Air Conditioning Unit - 30XA

Sold by Abel Building Solutions


Model: 30XA AquaForce Screw Liquid Chillers

Sizes: 80 – 500 ton

R-134A refrigerant

230V or 460V, 3 phase

AquaForce 30XA with Greenspeed Intelligence chillers were designed from the ground up to meet the efficiency demands of today and the future by providing premium air-cooled chiller packages for contractors, consulting engineers and building owners. Value-added features include rotary screw compression, R-134a HFC refrigerant, a quiet AeroAcoustic fan system, easy to use ComfortLinkcontrols, microchannel condenser coil technology, and an optional integrated hydronic pump package with or without VFD.

Warranty: 1 year