Santafe Spanish Clay Roof Tiles - Red Finish

Sold by Abel Building Solutions


Width: 11”
Length: 18”
Approximate Weight per Tile: 6.7 lbs
Tiles per 100 sq. ft: 96

Range of Hues
Sunset, Chocolate, Red Blend, Brown.


Hurricane Resistant:

Because each tile is individually fixed and has a small are to weight ratio, an ABEL clay roof tile is your best choice for resisting hurricane forces.

Unparalleled Beauty:

No other roof gives the cool, elegant sophistication of the “S” clay roofing tile. And ABEL clay roof will enhance your property like no other.

 Lasts a Lifetime:

Since clay is inert, the ABEL clay roofing tile will not burn, decay, rot, rust, or deteriorate with time. These roofing tiles do not fade over time as the colour is an integral part of the tile and is not “bleached’ by the sun or leached away by the rain.


ABEL clay roofing tiles provide very good thermal insulation and will therefore keep your house cool and comfortable.

 Environmentally Friendly:

As a natural product, once they have reached the end of their life, the tiles are crushed and added to the earth with no harmful effects. They can also be recycled for other purposes.

Can Be Used on any Roof Design:

The clay roofing system can be adapted to suit any of your requirements for domestic or commercial use.

Cost Effective:

Lighter than concrete and requires less subframing, which helps to keep the cost of the system down.

To customize your roof, consider any of the many installation options the “S” roof tile profile can offer. The elegant design and intrinsic beauty of the “S” tile gives a natural look for the homeowner or architect. It’s a stylish medium with lasting protection against most weather conditions.