Curved Standing Seam Profile - Metal Roof Sheeting

Sold by Roofman Ltd.


Roofman Curved Standing Seam panel gives your home, building or structure, a unique and luxuriant character and appeal. It radiates class and style with a solid architectural flair for everyone to admire. Our Curved Standing Seam is a mechanically seamed structural panel with a 1 1/2" high seam that may be singled locked at 90 degrees or double locked at 180 degrees. Our panels are securely fasten to the structure and provides a superior uplift and water tight performance.


  • Tight radius curving capacity
  • Shallow slope (less than 3"/12"
  • Mechanically Seamed
  • ASTM - Air and water resistance tested
  • Continuous Lengths (rolled formed onsite)
  • Wide selection of designs and colours