Nexen, Libero Series LPG Forklift - FGL25 (RENTALS ONLY)

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The latest appearance trends were used in the design of the Libero range to create a truck that has a fluent and aesthetic outline.


Thanks to the long wheelbase design, the longitudal stability of the whole truck is much improved, the hoisting capacity at the same lift height are enhanced by an average of 100kg. At the same time, it prolongs work life of the rear wheels due to the reduced rear axle load.

Increasing the proportion of rigid hydraulic pipes and utilising right angle and straight through connectors reduces the pressure loss of the pipeline, in turn raising the lifting speed of the mast. A 10% speed increase has been noted on average compared with the previous model.

Turning radius and width of right angle stacking aisles are decreased by reducing the dimensions of the whole truck, which in turn can provide better efficiency for your warehouse.


  • Environment friendly engines all meet EU stage-II emission control regulations.
  • Noise emission also comes up to EU standards.
  • The metal hood and moulding sound insulation matches environmental protection demands.


2.0-5.0m duplex mast
Auxiliary hydraulic value modules
2.5-4.0m full free duplex mast
High mounted exhaust system
4.3-6.5m triplex mast
Middle mounted exhaust system
Special carriage and backrest
Spark Arrester
Other dimension forks
Purified exhaust system
Dual drive wheel with fender
Radiator screen
Solid tyres
Non-marking tyre (White/Green)
Intergrated sideshifter
Other Attachment
Heater and Air Condition
Fire extinguisher
Semi/Full suspension seat
Dual/Special air cleaner
Rear working light