Hannibal Rack, Pallet Rack Flow Tube Rack

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Hannibal Rack


Hannibal Industries provides the distribution industry with dynamic storage products including selective, double deep, drive-in, push back, pallet and case flow structures, cantilever and archive racking systems.


We work closely with system integrators, consultants and forklift suppliers to provide turnkey solutions to each specific distribution need. Our products cater to some of the largest industries that include: food and beverage, retail, home improvement, healthcare, archive and 3PL providers.


The Hannibal in-house design team will help ensure that your system will meet or exceed seismic requirements, building codes and fire department compliance.


All Hannibal rack systems are manufactured to exceed the stringent requirements of the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI).


We hold, among others, a City of Los Angeles Fabricators License, one of the most demanding manufacturing certifications in the U.S. All company welders are certified by the American Welding Society through an accredited AWS testing facility.


We manufacture both structural and roll form racking systems and powder coated finish.