Samsung, 4-Way Cassette Ceiling Air Conditioner - 9500-48000BTU

Sold by Cool Control Ltd.


4 Way Cassette


Available Capacities (Btu/h) - 9,500/12,000/18,000/24,000/30,000/36,000/48,000


Control Via Wifi


Control from anywhere. As long as your smartphone is connected to the internet, you can control your 4-Way Cassette system from anywhere. On a hot day, you can turn on your system with your smartphone and come home to a cool house. On a chilly day, turn on the heat ahead of time so you dont have to walk into a cold living room. Having total control of your Samsung A/C was never easier.


Additional accessory (MIM-H03UN) must be purchased for the WiFi feature.


With its newly improved design, 4 Way Cassette supports a clean, aesthetically appealing atmosphere and adds a sense of sophistication to work and living spaces.


Other Important Information


• 5 years warranty on compressor & parts, 3 years warranty for manufacturer's defect on electrical parts




• Energy Star 




Aesthetic panel and display


The 4 Way Cassette's simple display design with rounded corners adds an elegant sophistication to any interior. Wth a neat and clean design the indoor 4 Way Cassette boasts a smart design that promotes a neat and clean look. The completely hermetic blade structure keeps the indoor unit clean by preventing dust or other foreign substances from entering it. The internal parts of the indoor unit are also out of sight when the blade is shut, thus improving the unit's appearance.


Individual blade control


Samsung's 4 Way Cassette features a remote controller that enables users to manipulate the angles of the fan blades for more efficient cooling. With the remote controller, users can individually set the opening angles of the four blades at the same angle or different angles within a 32 ° - 65 ° range to create just the right atmosphere.