PVE Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators - PVE30

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Vacuum Elevator PVE30


The pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE30 model is one of the world’s smallest residential home lifts with an exterior diameter of only 75 cm. It is safe to say that there are very few households that do not have the space to install this small home elevator.


The pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE30 accommodates one person ( 159 kg) and is available in two, three and four stops (max. height 10.5m ).


Like other models of vacuum elevators the PVE30 is installed right on the existing floor. Our vacuum elevators do not need a pit or machine room.


The pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE30 is the perfect choice for single-family existing homes and duplexes, to be installed quickly and practically without construction works.


The pneumatic vacuum elevator, being a lift that runs on air , greatly reduces energy costs and maintenance, since no pulleys, cables, or pistons are used. This air driven residential elevator consumes minimal energy during ascent and zero during descent, also making it an ecofriendly elevator.


Made of aluminum and polycarbonate, the pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE combines functionality with an elegant design, being a transparent panoramic lift which allows 360 ° visibility inside the house.