UPVC Patio Doors - S-7800

Sold by SG Windows & Doors Co. Ltd.


Adjustable polycarbonate wheels

  • Steel wheels leave unsightly black marks and will damage the guiderails over time.
  • Polycarbonate wheels are easy on the rails, making the patio door easy to open throughout its entire lifespan. That’s win-win!
  • Adjustable wheels are essential to ensuring optimal sliding once the door is installed.

An appropriate railing height

  • The higher a rail is from the ground, the less dirt and grime will enter the sliding mechanism (rocks, grass, etc.). Think about it!

Strong, aluminum railing

  • The patio door is the most frequently used access to the home, so strength is crucial. Choose a rail that’s made entirely of aluminum.

Deep rails

  • The deeper the guiderails, the lower the risk that the sash and screen (on the sides) will warp during high winds.