Tennsco Shelving, SpacePro Series in Office Setting

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SpacePro® by Tennsco is our most economical mobile storage system. It offers high density shelving and storage, while maximizing floor space. SpacePro adjustable mobile systems eliminate the need for aisles, saving up to 50% or more floor space than conventional storage systems. 

When you are seeking to save floor space in any environment, SpacePro by Tennsco is the solution.


Solid Foundation
Our deck systems utilize top grade 3/4" plywood, providing a level, safe and substantial walking surface, ideal for the floor covering of your choice. Pre-finished decking options are also available.

Carriage Design
All carriages come complete with welded cross members that utilize factory installed and tested dual flange wheels housed in lifetime maintenance free bearings. SpacePro also utilizes a space saving 3” carriage that supports up to 1,000 lbs. per linear foot. The carriages are designed to accommodate all types of Tennsco shelving or storage units.

Drive System Types

Mechanical Assist
Mechanical assist systems feature a uniquely designed mechanical assist, ergonomic handle which provides effortless carriage movement. By turning one of the three rotating knobs, the chain drive transfers power to the drive shaft, moving all drive wheels throughout the carriage simultaneously. This prevents racking of carriages. A simple chain tensioning device provides infinite chain adjustment for trouble-free use. The die cast aluminum construction and powder coat finish of the handle provide a combination of aesthetics and durability suitable for high-end office environments or heavy industrial work settings.

Electrical with Touchpad Control
The computerized electrical drive system can move multiple carriages with just a touch. The touchpad design is oversized making for easy operation especially when hands are full. It also meets all ADA requirements. Options include an interface with file tracking software, building alarm and fire suppression systems, as well as remote computer control.

Manual Glide
Manual glide is our most economical drive system. It’s ideal for lighter loads and up to 8’ carriages. The push/pull system glides the carriages on the track with ease.


Safety First

  • Anti-tip is available on all three Drive System Types.
  • All mechanical assist handles are equipped with a safety locking pin for disabling carriage movement.
  • All electrical systems feature a standard three level redundant safety system including: manual, floor-level, and aisle-entry safety sweeps.
  • Carriage mounted bumpers provide the proper spacing for media protection.

Storage Units
Our carriages are designed to accept virtually every style of shelving and storage option Tennsco has to offer, including but not limited to:

  • Cantilever library shelving
  • Steel storage shelving
  • Four-post open shelf filing
  • Lateral files
  • Bulk rack
  • Cubbies