Ideal Spec, Concept Close Coupled Back To Wall Toilet with Aquablade Technology - E8228

Sold by Pouchet, Neville C.


Concept Aquablade WC pans come with Ideal Standard's new innovative flushing technology giving exceptional performance, hygiene, easy cleaning and a sleek modern look.

  • Domestic and commercial use
  • Slim seat options
  • Part of the extensive Concept suite
  • Innovative Aquablade flushing technology
  • Water saving


  1. E8228(01)

    Concept close coupled back to wall wc pan with horizontal outlet and Aquablade technology

  2. E7969(01)

    Concept Cube close coupled delay fill, valve cistern 4/2.6 litre dual flush push button bottom supply and internal overflow

  3. E7726(01)

    Concept, slim seat and cover, slow close