Ideal Spec, Contour 21 Close Coupled WC Pan - S3046

Sold by Pouchet, Neville C.


305mm high close coupled WC pan for younger children in schools or public areas.

  • Schools use (age 3-6 years)
  • Secure bottom fixing seats
  • Seat options in 5 colours
  • Close coupled or back to wall pan
  • Secure cover fastening
  • Open flushing rim


  1. S3046(01)

    Contour 21 schools, back to wall and close coupled WC pan with horizontal outlet, 305mm high

  2. S3064(01)

    Contour 21 schools close coupled cistern 6 litre push button valve bottom supply and internal overflow, secure cover fastener

  3. S4057(01)

    Contour 21 toilet seat no cover for 305mm high pan, bottom fixing hinges (Available in White (01), Blue (36), Black (66), Red (GQ), Grey (LJ))

  4. S9101(01)

    Domex screws (pair)