PC Henderson, Husky Soft100 Series - Softstop Sliding Door Track Kit

Sold by Pouchet, Neville C.


Husky Softstop Kit

Soft stop damper for use with existing or new Husky 100 Sliding Door Kits

  • Soft stop damper catches the door and draws it into the open or closed position for the last part of travel
  • Available as both a single kit (soft stop on one end) or double (soft stop on both ends for opening and closing sides)
  • Convenient and installer friendly - no special tooling required
  • High quality, hydraulic damper which has been tested to BS EN1527
  • Can be installed in new installations or retro fitted to current Husky applications

Enhancing the sophistication and convenience of the Husky 100 system even further, the Husky Softstop gently decelerates sliding doors and pulls them into their final position. The kit is available as a single damper, for use on one side or the door, or a double damper*, where the soft stop action is on both the opening and closing side of the door. The product is suitable for wood and metal sliding doors and can be used with new installations or retro-fitted to an existing system. Not compatible with the Simultaneous Action of Low Headroom Packs.