PC Henderson, Husky Series - 25KG & 40KG Folding Door Track Kit

Sold by Pouchet, Neville C.


Husky Folding 25 & 40

for folding interior doors weighing up to 25kg and 40kg

  • Ideal for light weight and medium weight residential folding partitions
  • No guide channel required for 25kg application
  • Concealed fixings offer a minimalistic finish
  • Extra pivots (289B & 289T) required for two doors folding each way, see optional extras
  • Track can be cut to length

The Husky folding door system provides a simple and flexible solution for both light and medium weight residential folding partitions. Designed for timber, timber framed and composite doors, its concealed fixings and robust floor gear allow the partitions to be neatly stacked at one or both sides. The Husky Folding 25 can support doors of up to 25kg and 610mm wide without a floor channel, and the Husky Folding 40 can support doors of up to 40kg and 762mm wide, with a floor channel guide included.