PC Henderson, Husky Telepscopic Series - Telescopic 80KG Sliding Door Track Kit

Sold by Pouchet, Neville C.


Husky Telescopic

for wooden sliding telescopic doors weighing up to 80kg

  • Allows multiple doors to travel simultaneously
  • Ideal for room dividers
  • Track not included in kit (order codes 280A or 280AN )
  • No visible floor fixings eliminating trip hazards and dust traps
  • *TEL80/SIM allows a 2+2 configuration

For a natural modern or period look, the Husky Telescopic range allows multiple timber doors weighing up to 80kg to become easily stacked sliding partitions. These systems have been designed to be discreet as they require no guide channel meaning that there are no dust traps and make them easier to install across a variety of applications. All doors are linked together via a toothed belt and pully system. By moving the lead door, all of the doors travel simultaneously with minimum friction and noise.