Miller Fall Protection, Revolution Vinyl-Coated Harnesses Safety Harnesses

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Miller Revolution Vinyl-Coated Harnesses

The Revolution Vinyl-Coated Harness features a special vinyl coating on the webbing to protect against a variety of liquids that could compromise overall performance.

Key Features

Miller Revolution Vinyl-Coated Harnesses are effective in a wide range of applications, including:

Food Processing; Petrochemical; Water Treatment; Painting; Billboards; General Industry

  • Web Finials - Clip-on design safely organizes webbing after proper adjustment

  • PivotLink Connection - Unique rotary design provides greater comfort in bending/mobility

  • Cam Buckles - Easy, one-hand adjustment/release allows simultaneous adjustment of shoulder straps

  • Self-Contained Label Pack - Integrated pack encapsulates labels minimizing damage and loss

  • Integrated Accessory System - Modular attachment design provides connection points for belts/tools/accessories

Recommended Industries/Use

  • Food Services


  • Confined Space

  • Fall from height


  • Meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards