Miller Fall Protection, Safety Harness Lineman's Belts

Sold by Frank Mouttet Ltd.


Miller Linemen's Belts

Miller Linemen’s Belts combine superior design characteristics and handmade craftsmanship to create products of the highest quality every time.

Key Features

All Miller Linemen’s Belts feature:

  • Side positioning D-rings

  • Leather tool loops

  • Support belt rings

  • Tape thong

  • Accessory snap

  • Accessory ring

Fixed Belts
Fixed belts do not allow for lateral movement of the D-rings or waist strap with tool loops.

Semi-Floating Belts
On semi-floating belts, the waist strap with tool loops is completely separate from the D-saddle, allowing for lateral movement of the waist strap prior to use. Any load or pull does not bind tools to tool loops.

Full-Floating Belts
Full-floating belts allow for lateral movement of the D-saddle with D-rings during use. As a lineman changes position on a pole, the D-rings easily adjust to the movement. As a result, the pole strap rubs against the pole less frequently and receives less wear. Any load or pull does not bind tools to the tool loops.

Recommended Industries/Use

  • Utilities


  • Confined Space

  • Fall from height


  • Meets all applicable OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards