Inclinator, Residential Home Elevators - 500 Cab

Sold by Vertical Solutions Ltd.


500 Cab

A truly modern aesthetic that fits just about anywhere in your home, the 500 Cab offers maximum visibility, clean lines and a sophisticated look and feel. Choose from aluminum frame colors in silver, black or white.

Standard Features:

  • Custom cab sizes up to 15 sq. ft. or more if allowed by code

  • Gate or door openings on 1 or 2 sides 

  • Aluminum frame in silver, black or white

  • Commercial-grade laminate flooring with simulated wood grain finish

  • Unfinished flooring available to accommodate on-site flooring

  • Acrylic dome with painted border

  • 2016 ASME Code Compliant safety accordion gates

  • Automatic gate and door operator available

  • Two LED ceiling lights standard

  • Round metal and clear acrylic handrail available

  • Cab operating panel in elevator

  • Hall station at each landing

  • Available with any drive system