Stiebel Eltron, DHC-E Single or Multi-Point of Use Tankless Electric Water Heaters

Sold by Lighthouse Limited


DHC-E Single or Multi-Point-of-Use Tankless Electric Water Heaters

• Advanced microprocessor controls

• Best warranty in the industry

• Code compliance made easy

• No scalding

• Simple plumbing system design

• Sleek design fits in anywhere

• Seismic proof construction

• Proprietary technology

• Superior, reliable performance


More powerful

The new DHC-E is a powerful, flexible, point-of-use water heating solution. The mighty DHC-E 12 offers high 12 kW output, in an affordable, compact package. Great for that kitchen sink at the end of a long pipe run, or for multiple low-flow sinks in a commercial application.


More flexible - switchable output

The DHC-E 8/10 is actually two models in one - it has the added advantage of selectable power output of 7.2 kW (Stage 1) or 9.6 kW (Stage 2) during installation via a jumper.

Easy to Size for Any Point-of-Use or Multi-Point of use Application

DHC-E can deliver hot water to a single sink, multiple sinks, or in certain conditions, low-flow showerheads.


Control temperature simply by setting a dial

Set the temperature knob on the front cover, and enjoy water between 86°F / 30°C to 140°F / 60°C. Change the desired temperature at any time. Purchasing a remote selector control is not necessary. Advanced microprocessor technology ensures that the water temperature doesn't deviate from the set point even if flow varies.


Code Compliance Made Easy

The water temperature required by codes can simply be dialed in at the unit. The 100% accuracy of the water temperature is guaranteed by sophisticated electronics. No need to worry about mixing valves that go out of adjustment and wear out. The DHC-E can supply up to 140°F (60°C) water when health codes call for it. At the same time, when lower, non-scalding temperatures are needed, the advanced electronics of the DHC-E ensure what you set is what you get.