THHN (UL 83) Cables

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THHN (UL 83)


Cables are manufactured to UL 83 and are used as general building (commercial and residential), feeders and branch circuits


Voltage Rating

Rated at 600 Volts with an operating temperature of 90°C in dry and damp location. 75°C wet or in oil.


  • Conductors – made up of soft annealed copper, solid or stranded.

  • Insulated – with high grade flame retardant PVC.

  • Jacket – nylon polyamide

  • Conductor construction of 1, 7, 19, 37, or 61 strands, according to cable size


Cable Marking

  • UL File Number

  • c(UL)

  • Size

  • Type

  • Gasoline and Oil Resistant II

  • Manufacturers name