SharkBlu, Pool Skimmer

Sold by Veldon A. Limited Swim In Pools and Spas


SharkBlu Pool Skimmer | Leaf and Pool Net Swimming Pool Cleaner Supplies and Accessories, Blue


Versatile Pool Equipment: Scoops out leaves, insects & other kinds of floating debris from your inground swimming pool, koi pond, hot tub, and fountain. Leaves water sparkling clean & inviting!


Easy-Glide Operation: Durable, fine mesh netting allows our skimmer to move effortlessly through the water. Removes and filters the finest particles from pool water surface.


Sturdy Yet Lightweight: High quality plastic frame is designed to last season after season. Won't damage pool liner.


Works With or Without Pole: Use our skimmer on its own or attach it to virtually any pole using our EZ Clip handle with 2-push button quick release (prevents you from jamming your fingers!).