Dexion, Mobile Shelving System

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Mobile Shelving System


The Hi280 Mobile Shelving System is the ultimate in compact storage. Combined with Compactus® mobile bases, it's a mobile shelving solution ideal for small parts storage and handling.


The Hi280 Mobile Shelving System comes mounted on mobile units running along rails; matching the depth and width of standard Hi280 shelving sizes.


As a result of only needing one aisle for access, installations in a warehouse can double the capacity of storage.


The Hi280 Mobile Shelving System offers the following features & benefits as standard:

high quality – manufactured from pre-galvanized steel, with mobiles made of epoxy coated steel


mobile-base wheels run on rails – floor-inlayed, or mounted directly on top of an existing surface


high loads up to 15 tons – yet easily moved for additional mobility


extensive range of versatile accessories


electronic options available such as 'touch control' for easy access


compact shelving systems create secure and efficient storage – mobile units lock together to allow single-person access


compactus® mobile shelving system – known for its reliability and quality