Stosa Cucine, Classic Kitchen Cabinetry - Ontario

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Good Italian taste of the late 19th century is updated, taking on a contemporary feel that underlines the tradition while at the same time embracing current needs. Ontario is made of solid 25 mm oak with a chalked, colour-varnished finish or an open-pore, glossy magnolia finish.


The Ontario kitchen , which belongs to the series of contemporary kitchens by Stosa Cucine, revisits the models of the kitchens of the late 1800s, keeping a watchful eye on the present.


The past remains in the main feature of the Ontario kitchen (and in the other two types of contemporary kitchens by Stosa, Maxim and Beverly): the material with which the wall units, columns and bases of the Ontario kitchen are built is wood. The warmth of wood takes us back to the hearths of our grandparents, but without giving up the technology of our time.


The Ontario kitchen mixes past and present, telling fragments of history: vintage details such as the wall units with display cabinets, the possibility of installing a masonry hood, an antique wooden table etc. are back.


It's up to you to enjoy playing with the furnishings, mixing tradition and innovation. To receive advice on the composition of your Ontario kitchen, come to Milan , in our Stosa Cucine Milano , where a team of competent interior designers will guide you in the best way.