Stosa Cucine, Modern Kitchen Cabinetry - Infinity

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The modern kitchen with infinite choice.


Larice Bianco / Cemento / Fenix Verde Comodoro / Pet Grigio Fumo opaco - matt

Stosa Infinity kitchens. Attention to detail and minimalist design transform every kitchen into a unique creation.


The versatile Infinity range is the perfect choice for a dynamic and creative kitchen in which everything is possible. This unmistakable collection spans Nordic-inspired designs, metropolitan compositions and finishes from typical wood grain to high-tech materials like Fenix and ecological alternatives like PET. Infinity lets you customise your kitchen to match your stylistic preferences and functional needs.


The Diagonal handle is named after its unique, diagonal grooved grip. Innovative design and carefully selected materials and finishes transform Infinity doors into distinctive features that add character to your kitchen and style to space.


Alternation between light and dark, the juxtaposition of colour and wood essence essence, plays on volume and the striking contrast between open and closed space: Infinity stands out for its attention to detail and fully integrated high-tech functions. Infinity makes your kitchen truly ‘yours’.