ASEPT.1X MAX AutoUV Room Disinfector

Sold by UV Cleaning Technologies



24/7 Automated Protection Unit Against Pathogens


The ASEPT.1X Max unit pushes the limits of surface disinfection by automatically disinfecting patient bathrooms, which are a well-known reservoir of nosocomial diseases in hospitals.


Completely automated, the ASEPT.1X Max unit includes the following safety features: door contact and redundant infrared motion detectors. This allows the unit to only operate when no one is in the patient bathroom, for 5-minute disinfection cycles after each use. ASEPT.1X Max disinfects 99.99% of contaminants such as VRE, C.difficile, and MRSA by sterilizing the most commonly touched areas.


Completely automated with features such as safety door switches and redundant motion detectors, the ASEPT1.X MAX only operates in an unoccupied bathroom or room, basking high-touch areas with high-intensity UVC (254 nm) germicidal light achieving up to 99.9999% (i.e. 6 logs) reduction on contaminants such as MRSA, C. difficile spores, and VRE.


Should the door be opened during a disinfection cycle, the door switch will immediately shut down the unit. Safe and maintenance-free, except for annual lamp replacement, the unit provides worry-free and frequent UVC disinfection.



Fully automated disinfection for patient bathrooms

Less  than 5-minute disinfection cycle after each patient bathroom use

Destroys pathogens responsible for nosocomial diseases

Eliminates 99.99% of nosocomial pathogens



Ceiling or wall-mounted

Movement detection system

Safety door switch

Unit dimensions: 42.4″ x 13.5″ x 4.6″