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The IDUV In-Duct Air Disinfector from Prescientx takes patient protection to the next level by continuously disinfecting HVAC air in healthcare facilities. Installed parallel to the airflow, IDUV offers maximum output, maximum dwell time, maximum disinfection, and minimum pressure drop.


Door interlocks ensure safe operation.

7" Touch Screen displays key functions in real-time.

Outputs available for connection to building automation systems.


IDUV in-duct UVC air disinfector to provide continuous, automatic, UVC HVAC air disinfection. Unit(s) to include installation kit suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting, sized for each duct and shall include door interlock(s) to ensure safe operation.


Lamp housing to be designed to provide a maximum outward reflection of 5 UVC lamps installed parallel to the airflow for maximum contact me. Ballast box and touch screen control to be installed on or in duct exterior. Unit to be connected to Essential Power. Disinfectors shall be sized and located in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure a maximum kill.


Unit(s) shall be commissioned on-site by the supplier. Commissioning shall include programming, dose testing, and verification report. Service training shall be provided by the supplier to hospital engineering and maintenance staff. Education training shall be provided by the supplier to clinical staff including nursing, infection prevention, patient safety and quality management.


Standard of acceptance: Prescient Model IDUV, manufactured in Canada by Sanuvox.