ASEPT.2X Mobile UV Room Disinfector

Sold by UV Cleaning Technologies



Mobile UV Sterilization System

The ASEPT.2X system uses two units to disinfect an operating theatre or a patient room, thus minimizing shadow areas left by conventional sterilizers.


The world's fastest Mobile UVC Disinfection System utilizes two high-power units designed to disinfect an entire patient room or O.R. in as little as 5 minutes.

These units can perform the disinfection task in less than 5 minutes.

No other UV system can disinfect rooms as quickly and efficiently!


The ASEPT.2X SYSTEM from SANUVOX suggests using two units simultaneously to promptly sterilize an infected patient or surgical room from all angles, minimizing the problematic shadow areas left by the conventional single unit UV sterilizers. The ASEPT.2X primary and secondary units communicate wirelessly, sterilizing up to 99.9999% of a 22’ x 22’ room (7m x7m) in 10 minutes. The shorter cycle of disinfection (5) minutes will apply for smaller room dimensions



Automated disinfection with minimal human intervention

Simultaneous operation of two units for quicker disinfection (In the U.S.: Single unit installation only.)

99.99% disinfection in 5 minutes



Per unit:

Aluminium construction and medical grade stainless steel

Multiple infrared motion detectors

Handle for easy manoeuvrability

Scalable software with updates

Chronological data collection

Integrated WEB server

The dual unit operation guarantees the most effective cleaning possible in 5 to 15 minutes

Minimizes “shadow area”

Tested to show >99.9999% reduction of C. difficile, MRSA, VRE and more

Integrated infrared motion detectors prevent unwanted exposure

Data capture records disinfection process

Wireless communication and tracking with any smart device


Mobile UV rapid disinfector to provide operator-initiated UVC room disinfection. Disinfector to include eight 40" high-intensity T6 UVC lamps mounted in anodized aluminium parabolic reflectors, fan-based lamp temperature management, four passive infrared sensors for occupancy detection, lighted push-button On/Off switch, 360 anodized aluminium handle and guard, heavy-duty lockable swivel casters, retractable hospital grade cord, and ballasts and controls located in an easily serviceable stainless steel base providing a low centre of gravity for stability. Disinfection me(s) shall be adjustable with standard disinfection cycle set for 10 minutes.


Twin-Tower Planum Model:

Disinfectors shall include WiFi and programming for communication with smartphones and tablets. Date and me-stamped events shall be recorded and shall include: presence, cycle times, cycle interruptions, and faults.


Unit(s) shall be commissioned on-site by the supplier. Commissioning shall include programming, dose testing, and verification report. Service training shall be provided by the supplier to hospital engineering and maintenance staff. Education training shall be provided by the supplier to clinical staff including nursing, infection prevention, patient safety and quality management.

Standard of acceptance: Prescient Asept.2X, manufactured in Canada by Sanuvox.