B&T Design, Bijoue Bookshelves

Sold by WorkFlo European Systems Ltd.



Alp Nuhoglu

A bold sculpture shelf, Bijoue offers fun, unique and decorative shelving.


The unique shapes and geometry of the horizontal and vertical lines show a complementary harmony with the metal structure and the organic cut. The linear narrative created with horizontal and vertical bars supports the modern design while emphasizing lightness, creating invisible display space in the room.


With Bijoue, a complementary product for those who want to add a playful effect to homes and offices, the young room creates a fun corner in the bedroom and other spaces. Thanks to its partitioned structure and linear appearance, it can be placed side by side to create a fiction and to be used as a dividing panel. Thanks to its grizzly structure, Bijoue can be used in harmony with Hexagon stand. Bijoue is designed with a certain range of metal rods. The shelf is then finished in B&T Design static powder paint colours.