Lifetime R-Panel Metal Roof Sheeting

Sold by Lifetime Solutions


R-Panel System

Lifetime “R” Panel roof is an economical alternative. It is also known as the Traditional Trapezoid Roof System. The 42-inch wide panels come in continuous lengths up to 50 feet. Our “R” Panels are made of steel and aluminum, and there is a choice of finishes: Prepainted Material, Silicone Polyester and Galvalume (Aluzinc).



• Panel Width: 43”

• Effective Cover: 41”

• Minimum Slope: 10 Degrees

• Fastening System: the panel to panel and panel to steel / wood connection to be with a no. 12 – 14 self drilling fastener with a high quality neoprene washer. The panel to panel connection requires a 1 1/2“ minimum fastener.

• Gauges: 24, 26, 28

• Finishes: polyester, PVF 2, Mill Finish, 70% Kynar 500

• Colours: see our colour guide for our complete selection.

• Lengths: the panels are factory formed to a maximum length of 60”