Spanish Tile Profile - Metal Roof Sheeting

Sold by Roofman Ltd.


Our Spanish Tile profile reflects your taste and desire for a distinctive style, it accentuates the beauty of your home from every angle and would give you pleasure every time you return home.  The Spanish Tile simulates the look of a Dutch Clay tile appearance with an offset wave across the panel that captures the light and dramatically commands your attention. The Spanish Tile is not only attractive and beautiful but affordable and easy to install. Perfect for architectural designed homes and villas.


  • Maximum curb appeal
  • Can be installed over existing roofing materials
  • Applies over open framing or solid substrate
  • Corrosion protectant

This unique and elegant Steel Shake Profile resembles a classic or cedar wood shake but with fewer seams. It's stylish, durable and would add a beautiful architectural dimension to your home. The Shake Profile improves the character of your home and brings an elegant appeal to the entire neighbourhood. It also provides an exclusive look and style for many years to come.


  • Base Metal:  ZINCALUME ASTM 792M
  • Tensile Strength:  50000 PSI
  • Aluzinc Coating:  ALUZINC Az150 Gms/sq meter
  • Paint Coat:  Pretreatment Corrosion Resistance - Polyester, PVF2, Kynar 500
  • Primer Top & Reverse:  25% Gloss 20µ over 5µ Primer.  Reverse 10µ over 5µ Primer - According to AAMA - 605 Specification
  • Fastening System:  2" steel/wood 12-14 self drilling screws with neoprene washer.  Tolerance on stated Values +/- 1%
  • Panel Width:  1130mm
  • Panel Coverage:  1050mm
  • Min Pitch:  22.5º