Pro-Steel Framing Kit - Roof Structures

Sold by Roofman Ltd.


Roofman Pro-Steel roof framing system utilzes 1.5mm Cee and 1.2mm Zee Galvanised steel purlins for its structural roof frame. This system is pre-engineered using 1.5mm Galvanised connections and fastening systems. The Framing details are customised as per the customer designs. The steel purlins are interconnected with a series of 1.5mm galvanised plates, steel brackets and sleeve connectors, which are then, fastened together with nuts, bolts and screws. The entire frame is anchored securely to the ring beam which is tied into the foundation of the building using a 10 Guage Galvanise Anchor fasten with 4" x 1/2" Anchor Bolt.