Carrier - Commercial Air Conditioning Unit, Infinity Series - 50XL

Sold by Clamens and Associates 2000 Ltd.


Key Features

Up to 15 SEER
ENERGY STAR® approved
Puron® refrigerant
72 dB (quiet as a vacuum)
Uses Infinity® Control for precise comfort settings
Infinity diagnostics
Variable speed blower
2-Stage Scroll Compressor
Rust-proof base pan with integrated drain
High pressure and loss of charge switches
Louvered grille
Ideal Humidity System® for improved air quality, better dehumidification
Product Description

Ultra High Efficient A/C Unit Built for Total Home Comfort The Infinity air conditioner, packaged with our smart variable speed motor, is engineered to be our best, with a high SEER rating (up to 15). When joined with other Infinity-level options, it takes home comfort to the next level.