PGT Industries, Aluminum Cabana Door - CD290

Sold by Global Decor Centre Ltd.




Hinged door with glass panes

Integrated window design

– Delivers a more sleek, upscale appearance versus the “utility” look of other manufacturers’ cabana doors

– Eliminates the need for window inserts with unsightly handle and deadbolt notches


Concealed weather-strip

– Keeps elements out without detracting from the door’s appearance


Installation screw cover

– Conceals unsightly install screws from view

– Provides a clean, sleek finish


Modern design

– Smooth panel surface versus scalloped panel surface of other manufacturers


Custom kickplate heights available

Single Hung and Picture Window styles available

– Single Hung style with sash that opens to allow airflow

– Picture Window style allows maximum light into any room


Standard glass options

– Single Pane Glass

– Tempered Glass