Allegion Steelcraft - MU Series Door Frames

Sold by Pouchet, Neville C.


Steelcraft’s MU-Series Multi-Use Flush Frames are designed for light to extra heavy duty applications in both commercial and institutional buildings. They can be installed in both interior and exterior locations, and in virtually all types of buildings and wall constructions. They have a jamb profile similar to the DW Frames, but are designed to be installed as part of the wall framing sequence. They can be specified and/or supplied as either KD (knock-down) for field assembly prior to installation, or welded for installation as a complete unit.


Features and Benefits

  • Die-mitered corner connections of the MU Multi-Use Series Flush Frame corners lock together once the frame is installed. The tab/lock design:
    • prevents the head from rising
    • keeps the head and jamb members in alignment
    • keeps the miter tight
  • Patented universal hinge preparations allow for easy field conversion from standard weight .134“ (3.3mm) thick hinges to heavy weight 0.180” (4.7mm) hinges
  • Adjustable base anchors allow for installation adjustment when the floor is not level
  • Factory prepared for field installed silencers
  • Factory applied baked-on rust inhibiting primer in accordance with ANSI A250.10-1998 (R2004)


  • Overall frame construction meets the requirements of ANSI A250.8-2003 (SDI 100)
  • Hardware preparations and reinforcements are in accordance with ANSI A250.6-2003. Locations are in accordance with ANSI/DHI A115 unless otherwise stated.
  • Meet the broadest fire rating requirements