Hager Locks - 380H Series Electromagnetic Door Holder

Sold by Pouchet, Neville C.


Certifications: - UL/ULC listed
- Meets ANSI 156.15 for C00011
- California Sate Fire Marshall listed (CSFM)
- City of New York MEA approved
- Factory Mutual
Materials: - Zinc alloy
Voltages: - Standard dual voltage AC or DC inputs of 12&24V, 24&120V, 24&220V models
Holding Force: - Typical holding force of 25-40 pounds; performance value can be increased to 110 pounds on special applications
Total Projection: - 9-5/8" (244 mm)
Fasteners: - Hardware package, mounting bracket
Finishes: - US3, LS, L2