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Ximula X1 Wardrobe Closet Storage Solutions - Walk In Robe 2

By ICM Interiors


The perfect wardrobe is only a dream for most people. So often we are faced with a space that is little more than a couple of shelves and a pole to hang our precious garments.

With Ximula™ your dream wardrobe is within reach. What’s more, it is not a fixed-cabinet system that’s unchangeable like most others; in fact your Ximula™ wardrobe is infinitely adjustable to suit your changing needs. You can alter the heights of the drawers and hanging rails by the millimetre or add another shelf when you need it, and there is a great choice of door systems available to compliment the room.

Your home, like your life, needs to change and adapt over time; this is where Ximula’s range of wardrobe components can deliver a built-in solution that is also adaptable and flexible enough to change with you.

All we need to create the design for your new wardrobe is a few simple measurements and some basic information of your needs and we can send you your tailored design today.