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Victoria Keyes Housing Project, Standing Seam - Metal Roof Sheeting

By Damus Building Solutions


On this project we undertook to supply, fabricate and install the structural steel frame in addition to supplying and installing the metal roof sheets on three 9 story Apartment buildings. Our sturdy Prepainted Standing Seam Profile was utilized on this project.

Standing Seam - With Structural Standing Seam, the panel design provides for the securing of a male interlock hem into a female leg. This ensures a continuous secure seam along the full length of the sheet. These panels are applied and fastened to the purlins or structure by metal clips. This system for allows for installation of the panels without perforation of the sheet ensuring a watertight system and also provides for unrestricted thermal movement with a ¼” clearance between the flat surface of the panel and the purlins or substrate.