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Curtain Wall System 1600 Series Project

By Abel Building Solutions


The 1600 Wall System 1 is an outside-glazed, captured curtain wall. The 1600 Wall System 2 is a Structural Silicone-glazed (SSG) curtain wall.


Key aspects of the 1600 Wall System/1600 Wall System 2 are enhanced for higher performance. Pressure equalization has been designed into the systems and all components are silicone compatible to provide superior longevity. For installations where severe weather conditions are prevalent, 1600 Wall System 1 has been large missile hurricane impact and cycle tested. Proven through years of high performance, both systems are tested according to industry standards.

Main Features

  • 1600 Wall system 1 is an outside-glazed captured curtain wall
  • 1600 Wall System 1 has 2 1/2″ site lines
  • Standard 6″ or 7 1/2″ depth systems
  • Infill options up to 1 1/8″
  • Concealed fastener joinery creates a smooth, monolithic appearance
  • Open-back horizontals and perimeters are available for cost savings
  • Shear block fabrication method
  • Corners and splayed mullions available
  • Offers integrated entrance framing systems
  • Silicon compatible glazing materials for long-lasting seals
  • 1600 Wall system 1 has been large-missile hurrican impact and cycle tested
  • Two colour option
  • Permanodic anodized finishes in seven standard choices
  • Painted finishes in 42 standard choices and unlimited custom choices

Optional Features

  • Steel reinforcing available
  • Rain Screen Backpans
  • Optional deep profile and bull-nose covers available
  • Veneer system available
  • Integrates with standard Kawneer and Metpro windows and concealed GLASSvent™
  • Integrates with 1600 SUNSHADE™ and 1600 POWERSHADE®

Product Applications

  • Ideal for low- to mid-rise applications where high performance is desired
  • It is also the right choice for high span applications