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Concrete Outdoor Flooring Interlocking I-Pavers Project

By Abel Building Solutions


Our Bestcrete pavers are perfect for your landscaping projects. They’re:

Beautiful – No other material can compare to the warm texture of paving stones. They enhance the environment everywhere.

Versatile – Our paving stones come in a range of colours and shapes which allow for a wide range of creative possibilities.

Load Bearing – The solid interlocking paving stone units are capable of handling heavy traffic and are more durable than asphalt driveways.

Easy Installation – No mortar is required between joints – just sand. Installation is as easy as following a few basic steps.

Low Maintenance – Paving stones are maintenance free and last a lifetime.

Easy to Remove – Pavers can be easily taken up and reinstalled. this allows for the installation of pipes etc.


There are two I pavers available:

  1. 80mm which is suitable for driveways and parking areas
  1. 60mm which is best for walkways and patios

Exceeds international standards, ASTM C936: Standard Specification for Solid Concrete Interlocking Paving Units

Tested using international standards, ASTM C140: Standard Test Methods of Sampling and Testing Concrete Masonry Units

Why buy Bestcrete pavers instead of other flooring options?

Available in two thicknesses:

80mm which is best for heavy load bearing areas

60mm which is suitable for all other outdoor areas


Grey (plain), red and black


3 5/32” H x 7 3/4” W x 5 5/8 D” (80mm H x 197mm W x 143mm D)

2 3/8” H x 7 3/4” W x 5 5/8 D” (60mm H x 197mm W x 143mm D)

Number of pavers required

= L’ x W’ x 3.80