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Natural Coral Stone Potoro Waves Mosaic Wall Tile

By Stone House Marketing Co Ltd


Natural Coral Stone Portoro Waves 1″ x 2″

12″x 12″ Mesh

There’s something aesthetically satisfying about a collage comprised of many small stone that form one intricate yet cohesive pattern.

Mosaics give a nice visual pop to any room they are used in, especially in tight spaces or as a border detail with contrasting larger tiles. Mosaic Tiles are versatile, since you can install them in almost every room in your home; the only limits are those set by your creativity.

They can be used for backsplashes, countertops, in showers, and even for a creative entryway. You can create your own pattern by combining pre-meshed marble, travertine or coral. Each combination will reflect the surrounding light in the room differently.