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Composite Plastic Roof Tiles Project - Slate Tile Finish

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Composite Slate Roofing offers the benefits of slate without the many shortcomings. Unlike quarried slate, which usually requires an engineered roof framing system (structural support) because of its weight, Composite Slate Roofing has the aesthetic appeal of slate roofing without the enormous weight. Composite Slate is cast from real slate roofing and the variety of solid and multi colours replicate quarried slate, providing a classic, architectural realistic appearance.

Benefits of Composite Slate Roofing.

  • Has a natural look of authentic stone slate tiles
  • Easy to install and little to no breakage
  • Maintenance free
  • Lightweight design (Savings in construction cost)
  • Structurally designed roof line with a 50 year conditional manufacturer warranty
  • Class A or C Fire Rating, along with the Class 4 Impact Ratings